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Gladiator – In general we all know GLADIATOR means fighter. Gladiator, who is trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena; for the purpose. The word is Latin, and comes from gladius – ‘sword’. Since 2004, Our arena is APPAREL/FASHION/TEXTILE in all sort of RMG, where we see every day there are fight. Fight for quality, fight for delivery, fight for micro details between customers/importers and vendors. Sometimes it’s just because of missing knowledge of products/procedure or sometimes it’s just less understanding due to language. Over past many years, we experienced people read the comments/requirements with a wrong perception, which leads the delay and put this business into risk. So we take responsibility to win the situation for our mutual benefits whether it goes for customers or vendors. Hence, we believe fighting till we win. And we all know; knowledge is the most powerful weapons. We believe to win over the situation and win every difficulties with our mindset to find solution. Hence, we are proud to declare us Gladiator.

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